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This is a portal page for collecting issues and information about the armed forces of the United States.

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News & Views

  • 2007-10-18 New U.S. naval strategy: Preventing wars: "In the first major revision of U.S. naval strategy in 25 years, maritime officials said Wednesday they plan to focus more on humanitarian missions and improving international cooperation as a way to prevent conflicts. .. "We believe that preventing wars is as important as winning wars," said the new strategy announced by the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard." Is this the non-evangelized branches of the military taking a carefully calculated step towards halting Bush madness, specifically the potential US invasion of Iran and possible attempts to turn the US into a police state?
  • 2007-09-30 A pragamatic admiral takes the helm as the US military's top officer: "Admiral Michael Mullen, former chief of US naval operations, takes over as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Monday from Marine Corps General Peter Pace at a ceremony at a Civil War-era fort overlooking the Potomac River."
  • 2007-08-13 US and UK Defence - To be one Market?: "President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have today signed a Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty which will further strengthen and deepen the effort between our respective defense establishments to achieve fully interoperable forces, and to leverage the strength of our defense industries in direct support of our armed forces."