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Ron Paul sought the US Republican Party nomination for US president in 2008 and 2012.

Paul's 2012 candidacy inspired a particularly dogged flavor of followership; their low-key but repetitive and oblivious favoring of Paul inspired the term "Paulbot" to describe them.

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Jeffrey Witthauer commented (links added):

Ron Paul is an inherently irrational man. For instance, Ron Paul disbelieves evolution, thinks global warming is a hoax, and has established himself as a strong, fundamentalist Christian just like the rest of the Republicans (understand the important word there is "fundamentalist", not Christian.)

So, we've established he's irrational. Next, he's a bigot who's against personal rights. He's blatantly stated that there is no such thing as a separation of church and state. So he's anti-constitution. He's stated that he disagrees with the Civil Rights Amendment. He's rabidly pro-life. And he supported DOMA. Now this is Ron Paul, who's entire schtick is being a libertarian in Republican clothing. But it's clear he only wants smaller government for people like him: straight white Christian men.

Finally, there's his specific plans. Ending the Fed is irresponsible and shows a lack of understanding of economics. That's the big one. Now it's tricky, because on the face it looks good. Unlike most politicians, Ron Paul isn't ignoring the danger of our spiraling debt or the potential devaluation of the dollar. However his solution is bunkum, it just doesn't work. We left the gold standard for a reason, because inflation is actually key to a healthy economy. And while the federal reserve has too much power, it also is what allows things like interstate commerce, and different banks to accept checks and payments from each other. What's needed is a REFORM of the Federal Reserve, not a gutting of it (which is a major problem with most Republicans. They would rather eliminate programs with problems rather than fix them, even if these programs contain vital components).

So while Ron Paul is clearly a better choice than most of the other Republicans (at least the lunatics, like Bachmann and Perry), he's still a nut. Ron Paul supporters get along by emphasizing how he's different than Republicans. Sadly, they've failed to recognize that he's also different from reality.

Follow-up questions:

  • How is inflation important for a healthy economy? (I've seen this claim before.)
  • Why is ending the Federal Reserve irresponsible? (Same...)





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  • 2008-06-13 [Talk|Index] Hold on! Ron Paul did NOT quit the GOP presidential race § [2]“ In his news story for this website and today's print editions, Martelle notes astutely that Paul's rambling speech stopped short of actually saying he was quitting his campaign. .. He talked instead about "shifting gears" and "a technical change" to launch a vigorous new effort, the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty, using the nearly $5 million left from his successful $34.5-million presidential fund-raising effort over these last 17 months. .. In the fourth quarter of 2007, Paul actually raised more money than millionaire Mitt Romney, who seems to print the stuff in the basement of one of his many homes.”
  • 2008-05-19 [Talk|Index] Not a Happy Party § [2]“On Saturday, the main day of the conference, spokespeople carefully read detailed scripts that told them every rehearsed word to say -- even jokes were written down. There was no spontaneity or the usual laughter that comes with it. Those backing John McCain or Ron Paul for president were divided, but it was immediately clear that the party leaders planned to dismiss the estimated one-fifth of the participants rooting for Paul. Signs on every doorway entrance promoted McCain. Party leaders and the governor focused on McCain. No Paul supporter was given time to speak -- even 2 minutes -- to educate members about Paul’s platform. There was a paranoia by party leaders about controlling Paul supporters and anyone else who might be a “dissident.””
  • 2007-12-31 [Talk|Index] Video: Inside the Ron Paul Blimp § [2]“...isn’t actually affiliated with the Paul campaign itself ... The reality is that Ron Paul is a pro-life libertarian who runs as a Republican hawk in his Texas district when it’s convenient but who blames America for pretty much every bad thing that happens in the world, who votes against pork even while writing it into federal budgets and who accepts donations he doesn’t need from the racists at Stormfront. But try telling that to his supporters and you’re met with a wall of noise.”
  • 2007-12-28 [Talk|Index] Put Up or Shut Up, Time for the Anti-Paul Crowd to Offer Alternatives § [2]“I think that Dr. Paul is sincere and not owned by any corporations. He believes in his philosophy and does not read from a script. ... Given the state of the country, the three points I outlined about Dr. Paul seem to me to be the most important things we can focus on as Progressives and Americans. So I ask the naysayers to intelligently tell me who they think would make a better candidate. I assume the entire GOP field is out, and rightly so. Dennis Kucinich has zero chance of surviving the primaries and we all know it; so please do not offer up DK. That basically leaves Hillary, Obama and Edwards. Please tell me why any of them would be better...”
  • 2007-12-28 [Talk|Index] Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul winning big on AOL straw poll § [2]“An AOL straw poll that is supposed to be spam proof shows both Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul winning their respective primaries. ... On the Democratic side the results somewhat mirrored media generated polls. Nationally Clinton has 46%, Barack Obama 27%, John Edwards 17%, Biden 4%, Kucinich 3%, Richardson 2%, Gravel 1%, and Dodd 1%.”
  • 2007-12-24 [Talk|Index] Hucka"Bomb" Mis-fires § [2]“Unlike Huckabee's, soon to be called, Huckabust, Dr. Paul's first MoneyBomb was never discussed by the Main Stream Media (MSM). Yet, he raised nearly $4.4 million that day by the internet savvy of his grassroots supporters.” Yet Huckabee's big money-raising day netted only $95,000.”
  • 2007-06-26 [Talk|Index] Ahmadinejad: "I am not anti-Semitic" Palestinians should Decide on Two-State Solution § “Calling for a regime to vanish is not the same as calling for people to be killed. Ahmadinejad has not to my knowledge called for anyone to be killed.”


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