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Ron Paul sought the US Republican Party nomination for US president in 2008 and 2012.

Paul's 2012 candidacy inspired a particularly dogged flavor of followership; their low-key but repetitive and oblivious favoring of Paul inspired the term "Paulbot" to describe them.

Opinions About


Jeffrey Witthauer commented (links added):

Ron Paul is an inherently irrational man. For instance, Ron Paul disbelieves evolution, thinks global warming is a hoax, and has established himself as a strong, fundamentalist Christian just like the rest of the Republicans (understand the important word there is "fundamentalist", not Christian.)

So, we've established he's irrational. Next, he's a bigot who's against personal rights. He's blatantly stated that there is no such thing as a separation of church and state. So he's anti-constitution. He's stated that he disagrees with the Civil Rights Amendment. He's rabidly pro-life. And he supported DOMA. Now this is Ron Paul, who's entire schtick is being a libertarian in Republican clothing. But it's clear he only wants smaller government for people like him: straight white Christian men.

Finally, there's his specific plans. Ending the Fed is irresponsible and shows a lack of understanding of economics. That's the big one. Now it's tricky, because on the face it looks good. Unlike most politicians, Ron Paul isn't ignoring the danger of our spiraling debt or the potential devaluation of the dollar. However his solution is bunkum, it just doesn't work. We left the gold standard for a reason, because inflation is actually key to a healthy economy. And while the federal reserve has too much power, it also is what allows things like interstate commerce, and different banks to accept checks and payments from each other. What's needed is a REFORM of the Federal Reserve, not a gutting of it (which is a major problem with most Republicans. They would rather eliminate programs with problems rather than fix them, even if these programs contain vital components).

So while Ron Paul is clearly a better choice than most of the other Republicans (at least the lunatics, like Bachmann and Perry), he's still a nut. Ron Paul supporters get along by emphasizing how he's different than Republicans. Sadly, they've failed to recognize that he's also different from reality.

Follow-up questions:

  • How is inflation important for a healthy economy? (I've seen this claim before.)
  • Why is ending the Federal Reserve irresponsible? (Same...)






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From the Ron Paul 2008 campaign: