Trumpist coup maneuvers

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The Trumpist coup maneuvers are a series of efforts to disable the democratic process by various methods, the most visible of which has so far been the January 6 insurrection (1/6I). Some of these efforts involved Donald Trump or were in part orchestrated by him (such as 1/6I), but as his power has faded he has become less relevant to the process and others who share his philosophy of government (Trumpism) have taken the lead.

A large part of these efforts involves Trumpists installing obedient supporters into key positions within the electoral system where they can declare Trumpist political candidates to be the winners in elections they actually lost. Using false claims of rampant voter fraud and that the 2020 election was stolen as justification, they have also pushed for draconian changes to state election laws giving them more and direct control over the process. A great deal now hangs on how far they can get with this by the time of the 2022 midterm elections.

The Trumpist plans are also completely in sync with the longstanding Republican strategy of disempowering voters unlikely to support them, through various vote suppression methods including restricting poll access, voter intimidation, voter ID requirements, and gerrymandering.

They also appear to be making a concerted effort to take over local school boards.

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