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The election of Donald Trump was a massive shock to much of America, causing widespread fear, outrage, and depression[1] Reasons for this include:

  • fears that the Trump administration will:
    • weaken LGBT rights
    • weaken abortion rights
    • engage in massive deportation of undocumented aliens
    • end Social Security
    • end Medicare
    • cancel Obamacare (campaign promise)
    • abolish the EPA
    • abolish the Department of Education
    • take steps which will reverse all progress towards carbon abatement and accelerate global warming
      • withdraw from the Paris treaty and Kyoto accord (campaign promise)
    • eliminate all incentives and regulations designed to encourage a transition from fossil to sustainable energy
    • remove equal-rights protections for women and minorities
    • do nothing at all to discourage, and probably encourage, police abuse of minorities
    • withdraw from NATO, possibly destabilizing Europe and damaging our international relations
    • stop providing pushback against Russian imperialism (invasions of Ukraine, Baltic states, etc.)
    • start a trade and/or economic war with China
    • significantly cut taxes for the rich, leading to more trickle-down poverty (and probably a major recession) as budgets are cut to compensate
    • start a shooting war
      • possibly with a nuclear first strike
  • the fact that a near-majority of Americans apparently found Trump suitable for the highest office, despite his:
    • blatant misogyny
    • tacit approval of racism
    • encouragement of violence against dissenters
    • demonstrated lack of business sense and integrity
  • deep disappointments:
    • that a woman didn't finally become President, after it had looked almost certain that she would
    • in the reversal of social progress which these results seem to indicate

Most of these reasons are solidly grounded in evidence, though a few are not. user "elijah berg" of North Carolina started a petition to ask members of the Electoral College who normally would have placed their vote for Trump to instead vote for Clinton, in accordance with the popular vote. It had reached almost 3.8 million signatures by the morning of November 13 (metadata on the page suggests that the petition was created at "2016-11-09T23:35:41Z", the day after the election). While many have objected to this idea as a form of cheating, it is in fact directly in accord with the intentions of the Founding Fathers in setting up the Electoral College in the first place (while the fact of the College awarding victory to Trump despite the popular vote clearly was not).


Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle have all pledged to be or remain sanctuary cities, and the government of California has also expressed opposition to any deportation plan that doesn't respect Constitutional protections. Prior to the election. hurches in Philadelphia had organized a movement to prevent undocumented immigrants from being deported[2]; these efforts intensified after the election.


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  1. One friend reports that a friend of hers committed suicide over the news, and two people I know didn't eat for at least a day afterwards due to lack of motivation. My therapist reports receiving considerably more calls for help, and this is confirmed by things I've heard from other people. --~~~~
  2. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; no text was provided for refs named nsmphilly