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President of the United States of America


The President of the United States (often abbreviated "POTUS" or "PotUS") is head of the US government executive branch. The powers of the executive branch, as with the other two branches (legislative and judicial) are limited by the US constitution; these limitations are often referred to as the separation of powers.

President #43 George W. Bush made many strides towards increasing the power of the president. President #45 (Donald Trump) appeared to have similar ideas about the need for more (or possibly absolute) presidential power, and in fact attempted to illegally remain in office after losing the 2020 election.



# president vice president administration years
46 Joe Biden Kamala Harris Biden-Harris administration 2020 -
45 Donald Trump Mike Pence Trump-Pence administration 2016 - 2020
44 Barack Obama Joe Biden Obama-Biden administration 2008 - 2016
43 George W. Bush Dick Cheney Bush-Cheney administration 2000 - 2008
42 Bill Clinton Al Gore Clinton-Gore administration 1992 - 2000
41 George H.W. Bush Dan Quayle Bush-Quayle administration 1989 - 1992
40 Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush Reagan-Bush administration 1980 - 1988
39 Jimmy Carter
38 Gerald Ford
37 Richard Nixon