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Contraception (also known as: birth control, reproductive choice) is an issue because of (on the one side) the significant number of (mainly religious) groups who seem out to restrict or prevent it, and (on the other side) the bad effects of not using it when needed.


Many groups apparently are both against abortion and against contraception or even sex education, usually favoring a policy of promoting abstinence until marriage. This is highly irrational and irresponsible, as it essentially "wishes away" a number of realities:

  • as a contraceptive tool, "abstinence" is actually planned abstinence, which is notoriously unreliable
  • the reality that teenagers and young adults will be interested in sex whether or not they are educated about it (humanity was around long before sex education)
  • the reality of the large number of unwanted births which would result if "pro-life", anti-contraception, and "abstinence-based education"/anti-sex-education policies were enacted in any combination, in the absence of a significant and widespread cultural change or some as-yet-unknown but more acceptable means of contraception
  • the reality that in any case, a large portion of people do not wish for such a culture change, and would not abide by it
  • the reality that many married people do not wish to reproduce every time they have sex while fertile

If these groups are aiming to prevent unwanted conception solely by somehow significantly changing our culture so that most people only have sex when procreation is desired, they do not seem to be putting their efforts in that direction; if anything, they seem to want to maximize procreation at any cost.

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