2014/03/01/Ukraine alleges Russian invasion of Crimea as Obama warns of costs

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Obama's White House statement came shortly after the "interim government" installed in Ukraine by the Western powers appealed for United States and Britain to come to its aid, accusing Russia of mounting an "invasion."

Arsen Avakov, the new interior minister and member of Fatherland, the party of oligarch Yulya Tymoshenko, alleged that the international airport in Sebastopol in the Crimea had been blocked by Russian forces. He wrote on Facebook, "I regard what is happening as an armed invasion and occupation in violation of all international treaties and norms. This is a direct provoking of armed bloodshed on the territory of a sovereign state."

His choice of words aims to provide a casus belli justifying Western military intervention in Ukraine. He is invoking terms of a 1994 agreement, the Budapest Memorandum – signed by US President Bill Clinton, UK Prime Minister John Major, Russia's Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma for Ukraine – promising to uphold the territorial integrity of Ukraine in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons.

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