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William Kristol is famous for his 2003 prediction that the US-Iraq War would last two months (perhaps this was the reason Bush felt it necessary to publicly declare victory two months later, despite ongoing hostilities) along with many other failed political predictions.

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  • 2010-07-02 Kristol misrepresents Phoenix crime levels to defend AZ law "On Fox News, Bill Kristol stated that crime along the Arizona border "may be down" but that "a lot of the crime has migrated up to Phoenix." In fact, crime rates in Phoenix and the surrounding metro area have dropped over the past decade and reportedly "plunged" in 2009."
  • 2007-10-14 Kristol Is Pushing For 'The Next World War': "On Fox News Sunday, right-wing pundit Bill Kristol continued to beat the war drums for a strike against Iran. 'I hope the administration is willing to do what it takes to back Iran off,' he said, adding that 'we may need to do stuff across the border.'" Includes embedded video.
  • 2007-01-02 Bill Kristol: Pundit Superstar
  • 1993-12-02 The 1993 Kristol Memo on Defeating Health Care Reform (reposted 2013-09-24): Kristol lies repeatedly about the Clinton health plan, predicts that universal healthcare will destroy "the family doctor" (the system he supported ultimately did that), and argues that the plan must be defeated because "It will relegitimize middle-class dependence for "security" on government spending and regulation". People will get used to universal healthcare, and they won't want to go back -- and it will prove that Republican ideology is wrong -- so we have to stop it.