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The Durham MZCC abortion truck is a small truck apparently owned and operated by Mount Zion Christian Church of Durham, NC and bearing anti-abortion messages and images, including lurid photos of what appear to be aborted late-term fetuses, on its side and back panels.

The side panels both credit Operation Rescue as copyright holder for the images. Text underneath all 3 panels reads: "Mount Zion Christian Church - 3519 Fayetteville Road, Durham, NC 27707 - (919) 688-4245 - www.learninc.org / Overseer: Donald Q. Fozard, Sr. - Prophetess: Nora L. Fozard".

Bumper stickers on the back elaborate on the message a little:

  • "Secondary Virginity, You Can't change your past but You can change your future"
  • "Are You Following JESUS this Close?"
  • "Keep the Ten Commandments"
  • "ABORTION: 44 Million American Children will Never Laugh, Sing or Play"
  • "Abortion is NOT a Right - IT'S A WRONG"
  • "Say No to Pre-Marital Sex"

From at least mid-2008 until approximately early 2009, the truck was parked in a prominent position at the front end of the church's parking lot, where it was clearly visible for some distance up and down Fayetteville Road. I can't remember when I last saw it, but it has been absent every time I have been by for many months now. I don't go down that way very often, but it was always there for awhile, and then suddenly it was no longer there. I don't know if it has been parked in a less-prominent position or if the church no longer owns it. --Woozle 21:55, 22 August 2009 (UTC)


  • The photos are clearly of late-term abortions, which would be illegal even under the most liberal laws; using such photos to campaign for further restrictions is therefore intellectually dishonest.
  • Given that these fetuses had to have been aborted illegally (if they were, in fact, viable), just how did Operation Rescue obtain these photos? Are they real fetuses? Were they viable, or stillbirths? Were they taken in the US?
  • As horrific as these images are, they might be used to make a valid case for the following: (1) mandatory sex education and family planning (including easy access to contraceptives), (2) widespread availability of safe, legal abortion, so that botched abortions such as these do not happen. However, MZCC appears to be campaigning both to make abortion illegal (which has been shown to have no effect on the actual incidence of abortion) and for abstinence-only sex education, which tends to increase unwanted pregnancies when compared to proper, fully-informed sex education.
  • The "Secondary Virginity" sticker seems to refer to the "born-again virginity" or "renewed virginity" movement – see Born-again virgins claim to rewrite the past.


close up of bumper stickers, showing some of the related messages MZCC is promoting

anonymous user said:

Late term abortions like these are in fact allowed in some places. The late Dr. Tiller of Kansas performed abortions in the ninth month. Babies have survived abortions when some unforseen circumstance caused a delay in the procedure. Human embryos are human and calling them less than human is both blatantly false and equal to the justification given for slavery and the extermination of Jews.

Have you considered the possibility that late-term abortions would only be performed in cases of dire need? Nobody is saying these babies were not human. The actual justification for performing such abortions has nothing to do with the excuses given for slavery or racial extermination (it is in many ways opposite); it is on a case-by-case basis, and you are making up justifications because you have no facts.

I mean, that accusation doesn't even make any sense. How can it be genocide if it's the mother of the child who is requesting the "crime" to be committed?

And if you are saying that the doctors are essentially hit-men contracted to kill babies, that makes abortion-seeking women into something like mob bosses -- do you really want them raising children?? --Woozle 20:22, 3 November 2009 (UTC)


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  • 2008/06/03 [L..T] Pictures at church troubling “There is no question, though, that the color pictures of mangled fetuses will stop you from ordering cherry cobbler for dessert. ... Fozard called abortion "the most evil atrocity in the nation" and said the display is intended to combat "white folks sending money to Planned Parenthood to pay for black abortions." .. Say what?”

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