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This page collects legitimate arguments against any of the various aspects of global warming, and any known counter-arguments.

Particular Points

Although the majority1 of scientists agree that global warming is occurring and is caused by humanity, a few1 disagree; each of these few generally express one of the following positions:

  • The Earth is not warming
    • e.g. surface records seem to show a warming trend, but satellite and weather balloon records do not.
  • The Earth is warming but the cause is unknown
  • The Earth is warming but mostly due to natural processes
  • Global warming is occurring but not as much as feared
  • Global warming is occurring, but there's really nothing to worry about

(Reference: wikipedia:List of scientists opposing global warming consensus)

Arguments Against

Raised in this article (possibly answered here):

Editorials Against

  • 2007-10-17 Global Warming Delusions by Daniel R. Botkin:
    • right-arrow debaticon (premise) The only reason global warming matters is how it affects life, and the evidence that global warming will have serious effects on life is thin. Most evidence suggests the contrary.
      • up-arrow debaticon (evidence) During the past 2.5 million years, a period that scientists now know experienced climatic changes as rapid and as warm as modern climatological models suggest will happen to us, almost none of the millions of species on Earth went extinct.
        • "i" debaticon "The exceptions were about 20 species of large mammals (the famous megafauna of the last ice age -- saber-tooth tigers, hairy mammoths and the like), which went extinct about 10,000 to 5,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, and many dominant trees and shrubs of northwestern Europe. But elsewhere, including North America, few plant species went extinct, and few mammals."
        • down-arrow debaticon This isn't really the issue. Although it is very unlikely that such a successful species as humanity would go extinct due to climate change, it seems likely that there will be great hardship – especially by those less well-off economically. This is what active GW seeks to avoid.
      • up-arrow debaticon (evidence) Also, scientific papers by Prof. Sarah Randolph of Oxford University show that temperature changes do not correlate well with changes in the distribution or frequency of [certain dangerous] diseases; warming has not broadened their distribution and is highly unlikely to do so in the future, global warming or not.
        • down-arrow debaticon The evidence given relates solely to natural life, and says very little about how rising temperatures will affect human habitats, especially those in low-lying areas.
    • The article also argues that exaggerating the truth in order to get a sluggish, complacent public to react is not justified
      • I have to agree with this completely. The truth must be protected from political abuse; that is part of the purpose of Issuepedia. It is that sort of justification (the need for public action) which was apparently behind the gross exaggerations of truth which led to the US invasion of Iraq. --W.
  • 2007-10-03 Stop the Global Warming Campaign: We Have the Power to Win This Fight by Phil Brennan: argues that global warming is a fiction which the government as using as an excuse to enact new laws which will gradually restrict our freedoms. Sounds like a twisted version of the reality that the War on Terror is being used for that same end -- is this a partial truth (our freedoms are in danger) concealing a lie (the claim that GW is a fraud), or is there some truth to it (that GW, fraud or real, is being used as an excuse to curtail freedoms)? The only GW measures even being considered, as far as I am aware, do not in any way restrict personal freedom, but only the "freedoms" of giant corporations which emit environmentally-significant amounts of waste.
  • 2006-06-12 Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe by Tom Harris (warning: popups)



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Non-Dated Articles


  • 2007-04-15 Freeman Dyson on Global Warming 2of2: Stratospheric Cooling: "A prominent scientist who's followed the science of global warming from the beginning, Dyson explains why climate models have no scientific merit, why average global ground temperature is a great fiction, and what he believes the real dangers of increased CO2 in the atmosphere are. He suggests that the relatively simple solution of land use management could potentially give us the ability to control the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere at any level we'd like, and there's no need to stop burning coal and oil."
    • User:Woozle/Freeman Dyson on Global Warming: Dyson isn't saying that it's not real, but that the term "global warming" is misleading and that curtailment of industrial emissions is not the best way to solve the problem