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Ubiquitous Income is our term for referring to any kind of centrally-distributed income that isn't the result of employment or investment, including schemes otherwise known as UBI, BIG, and BMI but not including traditional "welfare" programs. Reference works tend to use the term "basic income" for most or all of these.



APF, the Cherokee fund, Iranian UBI project,




  • Wikipedia: basic income
  • Conservapedia: basic income is "a socialist policy where every resident of an area is guaranteed an income regardless of their employment status."
    • "According to the France-based Public Services International and the Britain-based New Economics Foundation – left-of-center organizations – universal basic income does not work well in practice." - NEF may be left-of-center, but the article they cite is in the right-leaning Epoch Times. The report offers a very thoughtful critique of UBI and raises many points, some more dubious than others, which need to be examined. Saying that the report concludes that they "don't work", however, is a bit of a misrepresentation.
  • RationalWiki: basic income
  • SourceWatch

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