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(From Discord on 2021-01-10:

So now I've thought of two ways right-wingism gets its hooks into people:

  • appeals to comforting beliefs: yes, you are in control of your life, you deserve everything you have, anyone who worked as hard as you would have achieved the same thing -- therefore anyone who isn't doing well is pretty much to blame for that (the Cult of Personal Responsibility)
  • appeals to vanity: by always questioning any conclusion which is either widely accepted or seemingly inescapable, you are proving that you are cleverer and more open-minded than the Sheeple -- and you can prove your worthiness and non-sheeplyness by repeating ideas which articulately take down such widely-accepted and/or inescapable conclusions, regardless of whether those arguments make sense on closer examination, in the name of being sure to question everything and examine all sides (Cheap Talk Skepticism)(edited)

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time to catch up...

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<root> is andrew lee, some select quotes from today:
<root> wizardess: Thank you just keep supporting the movement of freedom!!!
<root> MFGA!!!!!
<GreenJello> root, and you wonder why people associate you with Trump?
<root> GreenJello: That's a huge compliment to be associated with such a great former President.
<root> <3

<root> jane_doe: hint the freenode network is its own sovereign state
<root> jane_doe: we have an agreement with the uk

<yanmaani> <@root> you guys are fucking stupid af. stop talkin like that u fucktards.
<wizardess> yanmaani: omg fake!!
<root> thats not fake

<root> This isn't the IRC wars.
<root> Communists are attacking freenode.
<root> This is the end of the cancel culture wars.
<root> This is the beginning of the power of unity.
<root> We are at the cusp of a new era... for the world.
<root> freenode is the very definition of freedom

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My Nextdoor editorial on this:

I think I disagree a little, here. I think Faux News is more an opportunistic exploiter of the situation -- a symptom -- than the cause.

Likewise, social media is just the latest iteration in the problem of information overwhelm -- although it may be the one which tipped the system over into chaotic behavior.

The cause, I would say, is the ever-increasing amount of information people have to sift through in order to understand the realities beyond their front door. Some people are better equipped (by whatever combination of nature and nurture) to handle this than others.

...which means that as the complexity continues to rise, the number of people do *not* handle infoglut very well goes up, and the opportunities to exploit those people for political gain increase correspondingly.

We need to establish some trustable, democratically-operated institutions for processing and distilling the transfinite complexities of reality, and we need to do it NOW.

8/11 (Wed)

Viewing post for Nextdoor:

  1. (today, 5m42s, Beau): "Let's talk about Rand Paul needing a remedial civics lesson...." Confession: I used to think Rand's dad was possibly okay, but it turned out I was wrong... and Rand is worse.
  2. (today, 9m07s, Rebecca Watson) "I Am Dealing With the IPCC Global Warming Report"
    Listen to Rebecca. She knows what's up. Here's a text article about that same report:
    She also makes a very good comparison between the global warming crisis and the COVID crisis.
  3. (8/9, 18m21s, LuckyBlackCat) "OK Boomer: Class War Not Generation War"
  4. (today, 19m13s, StepBack) "Cryptocurrency Is the Perfect Commodity" - I only disagree with about 5% of what he says, and it's mostly quibbling.
    Full disclosure: I got a couple of donations in BTC back in the early days, which of course blew up in value over the next decade. I managed to cash out $1000 of it during the last peak, and still have about $1000 worth -- but that only proves his point: the game rewards early-adopters, at the expense of everyone else. (I have never put any money *into* crypto, nor do I plan to.)
  5. (8/9, 41m01s, Rachel Maddow) "MSNBC Breaking News Today August 9, 2021" - interview with Dr. Fauci, where he answers a lot of questions about Delta, masks, and vaccination (Note: there's an annoying technical issue where the video is noticeably out of sync with the audio.)

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My post on Nextdoor: (house editorial) "School districts are defying [DeSantis's] July 30 executive order prohibiting schools from requiring students to minimize the spread of COVID by wearing masks." DeSantis threatened to dock the salaries of superintendents and school boards who don't comply, and some are backing down.

DeSantis is actively preventing these schools from exercising their best judgement. Quoth DeSantis: “Our view, of course, is that we believe this is a decision for the parent to make, just given the uncertainty about what it means, particularly for the young kids …”

WTF? What "uncertainty"? Wearing a mask is safer, period.

Also, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki notes that Florida has not distributed any of the money set aside for them in the American Rescue Plan to help schools reopen safely.

What's the denialist justification for *that*? "With the highly contagious delta variant fueling a surge in coronavirus cases just as students return to classrooms, major school districts in Arizona, Florida, Texas and beyond are increasingly defying Republican leaders who banned school mask mandates in several states."

Once again, Republican leaders prove they don't give an actual fig about anyone's "right to life".

8/16 Mon

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there are probably multiple factors which taken together add up to strong political belief preferences:

  • that which absolves them of responsibility
  • that which gives them more choices ("freedom")
  • that which paints the world as less scary
  • that which negates the need for social/political change

Anti-masking: denial of responsibility for spreading a deadly pandemic if they choose not to wear masks (because masks are uncomfortable and weird-looking). Voting for mask-deniers helps reinforce the belief that they're not to blame, and reduces this rather terrifying pandemic to something commonplace and mundane.

Climate denial: refusing to accept that something needs to be done, and absolution from culpability for any environmentally-damaging things they may have done (as Americans, this is pretty much unavoidable, but some have actively embraced environmental destruction as their manifest destiny), denial that the world is being affected in irreversible ways which are going to have huge consequences (and that the consequences we're seeing are in any way connected)

Shooting denial (e.g. Sandy Hook): refusing to accept responsibility for controlling the spread of guns, the tiny loss of freedom this might represent for gun-owners, the idea that something so terrible could actually happen (much less again and again)

Aporophobia (hatred of poor people): pretends that poverty is a choice, making the world less scary; denying responsibility to deal with the problem; denying the need for social change.

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oh noes more liberal indoctrination of children. Seems like everything is indoctrination to these people... well, anything except actual indoctrination, which they support.

It's almost like they want to make sure kids don't learn about any ideas except those which are suitably right-wing. :thinking:

I agree with the comment that said enforcing pledges of allegiance to *anything* is problematic. We don't want to be a totalitarian state.

...and to the military person who expressed dismay: Are you fighting for freedom, or enforced obedience?

8/30 Mon


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